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Wyoming guided archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunts for trophy mule deer,
whitetail deer, elk, moose and pronghorn antelope
Deer and antelope hunts for physically challenged handicapped individuals
Summer prairie dog hunting in Wyoming ∙ Taxidermy services & Antlerworks
Dennis Harris, Outfitter ∙ Wyoming Outfitter License BG181

Wyoming Elk Hunts

     All of our elk hunts are in the famous, game rich Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming.  We utilize several different hunting units in the Big Horns, this allows us to customize your elk hunt just the way you need it from a four wheel drive hunt to the most remote wilderness horseback trip.  All of the areas we hunt have dense elk populations with some world class trophy bulls for the luckiest hunters.  We have well trained, safe mules and horses to get in and out of the most remote elk country.  If horseback is not the kind of hunt you are looking for, we can utilize four wheel drive vehicles to get around.  We will apply you for the area that best fits the style of hunt you desire.


     September is archery season.  This is the best time to experience the screaming bugles of the rutting bulls.  The most effective way to archery hunt these bulls is to locate a bugling bull,  then position ourselves downwind and in close before calling the bull in.  If you have never experienced a screaming bull charging into your calls, get ready for one of the greatest adrenaline rushes ever.


     Rifle season starts October 15th and runs through November 5th.  Typically this time of year the rutting activity is over and the largest bulls are separating themselves from the cows and younger bulls.  This is when being familiar with the elk and the hunting area is priceless. We commonly get to a vantage point and locate elk by glassing or waiting at feeding areas and travel routes to get a shot when the elk move out of heavy cover.


After a long day of hunting you will return to camp for a belly full of home cooking.  Then enjoy comfortable beds in a heated wall tent.  Our camp also has private bathroom and heated shower facilities.